Saturday, July 6, 2013

Been awhile, but I'm back

As I fly from park city, ut I'm reflecting on the start of this year. Already half way through 2013 .
When I'm at home not only am I, not really motivated to keep up this blog, I'm just busy living.
The care and mantinence of twelve y.o. Twins, barely leaves time for running,eating and rocking, much less time to write about it.
 The year started with a big show at the Moody Theater, a retrospective of Alejandro's career, with many guest musicians and a children's choir which included my girls, Greta and Isabel. So to perform on stage with my kids was quiet a start to the year. Almost immediately we went out on tour for shows in New York and ended up in Todos Santos, Baja California ,Mexico for Peter Buck's (REM) music festival. This is all awesome and my wife Nancy was able to come to Mexico for a week but the day after I return to Austin is rocky raccoon 50 mile and its weighing in the back (front) of my mind the whole time. Training for an ultra marathon while traveling as a musician is hard and I knew it would be, hard, but doable. I got back to Austin the day before the race and packed up the family and headed out to Huntsville State Park. We made it just in time to set up camp before dark. The next morning, sort of in a daze when the gun went off, I set out for three, 16.something mile laps of roots and sand.
I'll spare you the detailed race report, but it was a long day,and after 12 hrs I came on in to the finish line . Having run Bandera 50k in 2012 and Rocky Raccoon 50 in 2013, I'll be satisfied if I can keep up the" one big race a year " pace. 

As always, before you know it's SXSW again, we had a few good shows, got to play with Bobby Bare Sr. A couple of times and did a set of Stooges covers with Cheetah Chrome. All in all a good sx.
We went straight out on the road after SXSW for most of April. One of these shows was playing after The New Mexico Texas Challenge Marathon. I was able to run the half before we played and even got 3rd in age group. I love it music and running collide. We played a bunch of shows at the Continental Club in May and I ran The Rogue Trail Series Reveille Ranch 30k. We made another camping trip out of it and Nancy ran the 10k. 
 June is when this tour with Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys began and it goes through the summer.
Highlight, running-wise so far was the Fourth of July in Park City,Ut
We arrived the night before and I had loose plans to run the next morning with a friend who was up there already. He was not not able to go but took time out from his family to come pick me up at my hotel and take me to the trailhead, complete with map and route laid out. It was probably the most beautiful run I've been on. Mid-mountain trail at Empire lodge to spiro and back down into pc, was about 13 miles and felt great even at 8,500 ft. Thanks Cassidy. (I posted some pics of the trail on Facbook but can't manage to post them here at the moment on my iPad).
If you haven't read "The Long Run" a Amazon singles download by Mishka Shubaly, you should.
If you're a recovering addict/alcoholic who loves to run really far it's a must!
You normal people might like it too.

That's all for now
Thanks for reading

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