Sunday, September 16, 2012

West Coast Whole Foods Tour

 I've been home for two weeks and still have not written a word about the west coast tour til now.
Life has been too busy and awesome to sit around writing blogs, that's what long hours in the van are for.
But we leave on Friday for the next leg of the tour and I don't want to get behind.
 So, we flew into Seattle and played The Stillaguamish River Festival, also playing that weekend were, Dr.John, Mickey Hart, and Los Lonely Boys. I got some good running in the morning of the show, which was wonderfully catered and we played, hit the sack, a headed for Canada. We took the ferry to Victoria,BC, a beautiful journey and a great gig. The crowd had not seen Alejandro in a few years and were very excited. We had dinner at Rebar, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant near the club. I had the Quinoa, black beans and avocado salad. my "go to" meal at home.

A ferry ride back, and a long ride to Portland the next day, where we played a new venue for us, The Doug Fir. A really cool place, I've always loved Portland and this visit was a good as the rest. Local openers Divers were cool and Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5, The Baseball Project, and REM got up with us on encores of "Hurricane" Waiting for the Man" etc. Big fun. The next morning I got in a session at Burnside Skatepark had breakfast at The Doug Fir restaurant with friends and hit the road for San Francisco.

I had a free morning in San Francisco and was able to get a 14 miler to the beach and back, the hills are tough but the temps are so nice it feels like you could run forever. The gig at Bimbo's was fun, my Dad was in town visiting my sister so it was a bit of a family reunion. I had some great food in San Francisco, stand outs were Thai Idea and The Loving Hut. From this point on we make a habit of hitting the local Whole Foods on the way out of town. This works well as you get to the smaller towns and your not sure whats gonna be around the hotel or club. The next few shows are good, San Louis Obispo, San Juan Capistrano, Hermosa Beach(have to mention The Spot great vegan enchiladas). The morning after Hermosa Beach we have to be up early and at NBC studios for the Jay Leno taping. This is always a long but exciting day. The taping went well and we drive straight to soundcheck at The Mint in LA. They say there is no such thing as a good LA crowd but we had one. I love playing a small room and it was packed, and lots of "Rock Royalty" in the crowd always ups the energy.
 The next and last California show is San Diego, strange bar gig but nice hotel and I experienced my first earthquake though I didn't feel it. (read about it later that day, Chris felt it ) .
 Next stop Flagstaff, AZ.
 An old friend from Alabama picked me up at the hotel and took me for a ride up in the mountains. Flagstaff is beautiful and its always nice to get away from the hotel/van/venue, thanks Kelly. The show that night at The Orpheum Theater was fun, a great juice stand on the corner didn't hurt. The next day we drive like 11 hours straight into soundcheck in Denver, CO at The Bluebird Theater. By this point we're so close to heading home you can feel it and you don't really mind that you haven't slept in days because soon you'll sleep in your own bed. Last night of tour shows are always special and we got Jesse Malin and Derek Cruz (our tourmates) up with us on the encore, (we always do but it seems bigger on the last show). We also managed to get Mark their soundman up there as well on "Beast Of Burden"
 The next day it's 18 hours to Austin. We made a couple of Whole Foods stops and the next thing I know I'm home at 8am. Thanks Eric Carter.
 Til next time
 I'll be in the greenbelt or at the soccer field or.... 

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  1. that salad looks incredible. i had my 1st taste of vegan food. it was green vegetarian cuisine. i really enjoyed it.