Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Louisville, Lexington , memorial day.

The show in Louisville, KY was great, Headliners club is always fun and I had dinner at Kashmir an Indian restaurant I've been to before. On to Lexington , got in a great 8 mile run at University of Kentucky. I set out from our downtown hotel toward campus when I remembered The Arboretum at UK. A great protected greenway with a running trail. I had run here before.
The show was "Wood Songs"a PBS stage show. Dinner was catered and I lost big time. Bar b que ! Pork, at that.
Also, all of downtown Lexington was closed for Memorial Day. After sound check I walked around til I found " Shorty's"urban market , jackpot!
I scored a bunch of local grown spinach, some hummus, tortilla chips and an apple. Went back to the theatre and did the show, which went fine, and then to my hotel to enjoy my makeshift dinner. Tuesday , and it's an 9 am lobby call and 8 hour drive to Memphis. Living the dream.

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