Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicago , Milwaukee," running around lake michigan "

We drove into Chicago, dropped our bags at the "2x Tree" and proceeded to Lincoln Hall, a great old theatre venue . Dinner was provided by in house restaurant and had a very standard spinach, hummus wrap.
The show was great we had a local horn section and Susan Voelz on violin.
By the end of the night there way mor people on stage than I would have guessed could fit.
As a trail runner, I really hate running on concrete, but you gotta take what you get out here on the road , and it could (and will be) a lot worse than Chicago's running path at Navy Pier.
If you look for it you'll find many a path in the grass to give yourself a break from the concrete.
In Milwaukee we played at Turner Hall,
A great, old building. I remembered from the last time I was here that the catering is always top notch . I'm posting a picture of the menu, if you enlarge it you should be able to read it.
This morning I went out for another run by the water, very similar to the Chicago running path. I love the Milwuakee Art Museum building.
On to Indianapolis for night off.

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